International Cooperation Agreements between The Institute and the foreign Universities and colleges:

Believing in the importance of multicultural cooperation in the field of education and its role in upgrading the level of education provided for our students, the Institute signed several agreements with different educational Institutions such as:

- Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning- University of Stuttgart, Germany

- University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, Romania

  - ROMA_ TRE University- Rome, Italy

These agreements include students and stuff exchange programs along with several levels of cooperation.


Training and applied practical

The Institute has signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Contractors Company to train the students of the institute in the project management field, using the computer "Primavera", and to provide a summer training programs on the private projects locations of the company, the agreement also provides access to all the expertise and experiences to the graduates of the institute who listed on post graduation studies, in addition to using the company's main library for both students and graduates