The High Institute of Engineering and Business Administration Technology is a major private institute in Egypt, founded since 1993 by a ministerial decision number 1069 for a year 1993, according to law 52 for a year 1970 about organizing the high private institutes. The studying has been begun at the institute for the first time in year 1993/1994, and since then, the studying at the institute went on successfully and introduced lots of graduates who where able to get merged with the Egyptian and foreign labor markets More....


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عزاء واجب (17/04/2014)
عزاء واجب More....
اعلان خاص بالتجنيد (09/04/2014)
أمرهام من مكتبالاتصال العسكري More....
اعلان هام (09/04/2014)
إعلان هام More....
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